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About JR Medical Services

JR Medical Services - based in the Caribbean - specialized in preventive maintenance, quality repair, expert advice and sales of medical equipment, medical devices and software for healthcare solutions.
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Why choose
JR Medical Services?

JR Medical Services BV offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions that help to maintain and optimize medical devices and medical technologies in the best condition. Our services related to the maintenance and repair of medical devices - regardless of brand or type - have been of high quality for many years.
The experts at JR Medical Services are trained and certified to work with various types of medical equipment, such as patient monitors, anesthesia machines, respiratory ventilators, defibrillators, infusion and syringe pumps and other medical devices. Our experienced team takes care of maintenance and repair of medical equipment and devices according to the strictest quality standards - and to the quality requirements of the original manufacturer. 
Certified employees
Safety during work
Planning & Organization
An eye for patient care
Consultancy & advice
Certified employees

Quality is of paramount importance to us. All of our technical employees are certified according to the highest and most current quality standards in the maintenance and repair of medical devices. This also takes into account the quality requirements set by the manufacturers of medical devices as well as software developers of medical technology.
Safety during work

During our maintenance and repair work, our employees work according to all necessary safety requirements and precautions. Our trained technicians are well attuned to each other and can act quickly in case of any (unexpected) problems. Also, back office support is available at all times.
Planning & Organization

The planning and organization of the services to be provided are discussed upfront, so that there are no surprises afterwards. We also provide you with an overview of the expected costs. When it comes to the maintenance and repair of medical devices, fast response is crucial in many cases. We will therefore make every effort to be of service to you as soon as possible - taking into account all necessary safety requirements.
An eye for patient care

In institutions dealing with patients, the safety of those patients is paramount. If the medical equipment, medical devices and software used are not maintained and/or repaired on a regular basis, this can lead to low quality care, which can pose a danger to patients. Therefore, it is imperative that medical devices and related medical products are inspected on a regular basis to ensure continued patient safety. Because only with properly functioning medical equipment, you can guarantee quality to your patients. In addition, you will save on expenses of new medical devices when your current devices are regularly serviced.
Consultancy & advice

Besides sales, maintenance and repair of medical equipment, JR Medical Services has extensive experience and expertise in playing an advising role on medical technology. We like to think along with you about management issues and provide you with appropriate advice on the purchase and/or installation of medical equipment, medical devices and/or related products, such as software. Thanks to our broad network, we can also act as a medical intermediary buyer. 

Our Services

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Maintenance & Repair equipment

We can service and repair medical equipment of all brands or types.
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medical consultancy

Technical Consultancy & Advice

Support for management issues within medical technology.
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Sales of medical equipment

Your supplier of medical equipment, devices and disposables.
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Medical Software Provider

We are official partners of Erba-Soft - software for hospitals used to track medical instruments in real time
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